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Templates are parsed and rendered in strict mode by default. Where syntax and render-time type errors raise an exception as soon as possible. You can change the error tolerance mode with the tolerance argument to Environment or Template.

Available modes are Mode.STRICT, Mode.WARN and Mode.LAX.

from liquid import Environment, FileSystemLoader, Mode

env = Environment(

Undefined Variables

By default, references to undefined variables are silently ignored. Pass StrictUndefined as the undefined argument to Template or Environment, and any operation on an undefined variable will raise an UndefinedError.

from liquid import Environment, StrictUndefined
env = Environment(undefined=StrictUndefined)

See Undefined Variables for more information and example of how to customize undefined variable handling.

Undefined Filters

Undefined filters raise a NoSuchFilterFunc exception by default. Set the strict_filters argument to Template or Environment to False and undefined filters will be silently ignored.

from liquid import Environment
env = Environment(strict_filters=False)