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A loader that inherits from FileSystemLoader and adds a file name extension to any template_name that does not have one.

When rendering from an environment configured with a FileExtensionLoader, templates can, for example, use {% render 'somesnippet' %} and {% include 'mysection' %} instead of {% render 'somesnippet.liquid' %} or {% include 'mysection.html' %}.


class FileExtensionLoader(search_path, encoding="utf-8", ext=".liquid")


  • search_path: Union[str, Path, Iterable[Union[str, Path]]] - One or more paths to search.

  • encoding: str = "utf-8" - Open template files with the given encoding. Defaults to "utf-8".

  • ext: str = ".liquid" - A default file extension. Should include a leading period. Defaults to .liquid.